On End Game, book two of the Robideaux series.

There is an idea floating among liberals that the empire began after 9-11 with Bush fils. That is wrong, the Empire began long ago and its attitudes towards the indigenous were forged during the conquest of Ireland and brought to these shores, where African slaves, white indentured ‘servants’ and Native Americans were ruthlessly exploited. This attitude extended itself into Latin America, then Viet Nam with a brief period of respite during the ‘good war’ against Hitler. After the Second World War we were all bedeviled by the specter of communism, and after seeing how many millions perished under Stalin and Mao, we concluded that the cold war too was a good fight. However we did not realize until the atrocities of Viet Nam were fully revealed to us, that we were not fighting on behalf of the poor people in those beleaguered countries but for a particular malformation of corporate capitalism that works hand in glove with Big Government and the Military Industrial Complex.

While I personally think that true free markets, healthy competition, innovation and capital have enriched our lives, so much so that poor in the first world live better than the kings of old, there has been a incredible perversion of power and control on the part of our ruling classes regardless of their political ideologies. By that I mean, whether they are party appartchiks or corporate Ceo’s.

End Game takes place in the aftermath of the fall of communism, when instead of becoming a beacon of light to the world, the US heading NATO, saw a new role for itself fomenting the civil wars which had begun in the former Yugoslavia. These wars had their antecedents in the period of neo-liberalisation of the nineteen -eighties where the country was effectively dismembered by the ‘reforms’ imposed by the International Monetary Fund. The west sold these wars to its gullible public through a disinformation campaign launched by intelligence agencies,ignorant journalists and the mainstream media ( often owned by weapons manufactures ) as a humanitarian intervention with clear cut good and bad guys. Nothing could be further from the truth. The end result: much human suffering on all sides, a chopped up country, and one of the biggest military bases in the world, Bondsteel, which was built in Kosovo as a stepping stone for NATO forces into the Middle East.

One of the most dangerous and frightening end results was the creation of a politically motivated international court of injustice, funded by The USA, various Soros foundations, the Rockefellers and the Carnegies. The ICTY, the court that tries so called war crimes in the former Yugoslavia and the the ICTR, the court for Rwanda, constituted as they are both inquisitorially and adversarially, without the protections of either form, staffed by unqualified prosecutors and judges, have now set the precedent for the ICC, a dangerous world court which tries anyone who defies the empire.

These courts were created by special UN charters, which by this action and on false pretext, undercut national sovereignty globally. This is of the utmost importance for anyone who cares about justice and the preservation of common law. What is so frightening is that the American Bar Association endorses this court and American citizens neither know nor care, thinking it is irrelevant to their own lives. We ignore these developments at our own peril since with the gradual encroachments on our civil liberties, we may see dissidents in our countries tried there one day.

End Game is a fast paced and exciting look into what happened in former Yugoslavia and what is happening at the ICTY. I don’t think that its something that you can read on the train to work but I believe that it is critical information for any thinking person who cares about justice, civil liberties and truth.

Katanga Province is much in the same vein but will focus on the Congo Wars.

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